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I Saw a Bug in Class
I Saw a Bug in Class
I see a red bug flying through the air-
and I don’t doubt my sanity.
Following with my eyes and taking in
the desks and students facing
the teacher  facing them.
Learning grammar as a college sophomore
In a room with
White-washed hand printed walls
and a blue accent
A projector as a turret
hanging from the ceiling
(and currently on the fritz).
The door is open, I can see
people I know across the hall
but not well enough to acknowledge each other
and I’d rather watch the bug.
:iconbethdeckerandthings:BethDeckerandThings 1 0
Section 8 Housing
When someone finally burns this place to the GROUND-
...let them know
Miss Curry; who, again and again,
Drank until her body bled
Then laid down
by her barking dog.
:iconbethdeckerandthings:BethDeckerandThings 1 0
Mourning the Mentor/ The Heat of What Goes
Mourning the Mentor
“I can be a bit of a bastard,”
the best kinds of introductions
unapologetic; it speaks
to self-aware, to genuity
when you say cut this line here-
form the words to build something real-
(believe me when I say
I needed to write)
It’s almost funny,
the familiar heat in cheeks
Formed from nights spent on paper,
understanding myself in pen
Only because you said it sounded good when
I wrote bugs, hands grasping at straws
I created worlds and you saw me,
I look at you now and you don’t;
You probably didn’t notice,
the red beneath the armor-
the recognition of what comes,
the heat of what goes.
:iconbethdeckerandthings:BethDeckerandThings 2 0
Spaghetti Brains
My high school Psych teacher told us
that women have spaghetti brains-
that occurrences are noodles
touching, indistinguishable
on a floral, white plate-
at the time, I love this image,
my brain dressed up as food,
and I don’t really resemble
the statement-
this time, as you could guess,
the noodles displease me. I think
of prying them from each other,
of spaghetti sauce splattering
like red brain matter
into garbage cans,
the plate into the recycling-
I think of Andrew, of eating
spaghetti with him,
spaghetti sauce like the brain
housing my mom’s tumor-
she showed me a picture
and it had a face-
I think then of noodles,
of cramming myself full
of the instant mac and cheese-
because I told Shawna
I would start making ridiculous
requests when people asked
“Can I do anything for you?”
Can you bake me mac and cheese
at 3 AM?-
filling myself with Thai noodle salad
(she would probably love it).
That day Andrew held my hand,
watched me shake,
stuffed me with love
:iconbethdeckerandthings:BethDeckerandThings 1 0
Olives are Green, Violets are Blue Chapter 1
Olives are Green, Violets are Blue

Olivia’s Story
Chapter 1: Summer Break

    “Be careful. R2D2 will knock you on your ass.” Zoe warned me with a sly grin as she raised her defined brow. She handed me her hand carved, wooden pipe in the shape of R2D2. The entire thing was carved beautifully; hand-painted with Bob Marley colors. And her pipe was packed with fresh, green bud. You could easily smell the earthy, pungent aroma. I closed my eyes and inhaled the scent deeply with thrill. I haven’t smoked in so long.
    “Do you like it? It’s cute, isn’t it?” My eyes shot open and I saw Zoe shimmy her shoulders towards me, “I got it from our trip in this cute little shop in Colorado. I liked him. I thought he looked pretty cool. Isn't he cute?”
    “Yeah, he is cute!” I smiled in delight
:iconsamaiyakamorea17:samaiyakamorea17 1 0
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Nights Back Then
For Jessica
Back when I knew her, she hated absence. Felt deep the nights
of blank screens, empty beds. Loved a dude who couldn’t love back.
Loved the sound of painting handprints on asses.
She lacked the volition for creativity;
as in, she dreamt of making Steampunk vests
only to stare hard at her hands.
Her car hated hills even more than she did,
leaked fluids like vanilla coke spilling from cans-
her favorite drink that she shared
with him, with me. The call that I ignored echoed
and back then I couldn’t include her
in things I could visually see, after he texted me
“I fucked her” and we all suffered for it.
“Liz, I’m sorry” she said in my ear “Please talk to me”
I didn’t until much later, kept
a certain space between us like the bag
protecting the bread. Back then, I didn’t understand why she tried,
why loving the same person meant we couldn’t be friends.
Back, before we loved him,
we laughed at the Chicken Fuc
:iconbethdeckerandthings:BethDeckerandThings 1 0
Double Trouble: Extra 7 by Azuneechan Double Trouble: Extra 7 :iconazuneechan:Azuneechan 353 80



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Andrew Benjamin
Artist | Professional | Traditional Art
United States
I'm an artist from Cincinnati working toward a career in comics and animation. I do commissions as well, so if you're interested let me know. I'm a huge fan of anime, manga, and more TV shows than I can count. Anyway, I hope you enjoy my artwork, and if you do, please consider watching my page and spreading my name to friends who you think will also enjoy it!


No journal entries yet.


Scanning and editing today, gonna be posting a lot later!
#new art #updates #spookylolly
Super excited to be finally building up my portfolio online again. To my watchers, keep an eye out for a lot in the upcoming weeks!
#new art #coming soon #spookylolly #spookylollyart


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